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Little Question about The Ballad of Sweeney Todd

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As we know, the last lyric is "Not Sweeney. Not Sweeney Todd. The demon..." etc. There's a little difference in the Ballad between the OBCR and any subsequent recording of the show and I can't think of why this difference exists.

On the OBCR, the interval between "Swee" and "ney" on the line "Not Sweeney" is a major third. On any other recording, that interval is a major second. Also, in the repeating two-triplet pattern that appears in the xylophone, strings, etc after the last lyric (it's more prominent in the closing ballad) and also under the melody in the transition to Worst Pies, there is a change in the second triplet of the repeating figure; the interval between the first and second notes of the 2nd triplet is a fifth, whereas on any other recording it's a fourth.

Anyone know why these changes were made? I know Sondheim does a lot of rewriting but this is such a small change, and as far as I can tell the rest of the score has remained intact (except for major song cuts, obviously), so I'm curious to know what the reason was.
-Was that a fart?
-My fault, I fear.
Though I prefer the change, my best guess would be that he wanted the score to follow simple classical music composisiton guidelines. Basically stating a third is a big nono and a fifth to a fourth is retrogression. Again, this is strictly my educated guess and it may have very well been written with such patterns, I've never actually seen the score or taken the time to distinguish the chordal progression through cast recordings. :]