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Strange happenings at Dirty Dancing

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Strange happenings at Dirty Dancing#1
Posted: 3/25/09 at 10:47am
Okay, okay, so this is a limp dick show that no-one on here talks about, but something odd happenened at Dirty Dancing last night. A friend of mine went (and hated it). After the interval, there was an announcement that due to 'problems', there would be a short delay in beginning the second act. Fifteen minutes later, the show recommenced, but with a completely different Johnny and Baby. Talking to someone from the bos office today, I was told, 'Leanne Rowe and Martin Harvey hate each other. Maybe it was something to do with that.' Bizarre!! What do you reckon?
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re: Strange happenings at Dirty Dancing#2
Posted: 3/25/09 at 5:50pm
How strange!! Here's my take on what happened...

They came off after Act 1 and were in a mood with eachother. Leanne claimed that Martin gave her a dirty look in scene 3 and then proceeded to make everything quite uncomfortable. Martin claimed he had a headache which caused the "dirty look". Anyway five minutes into the interval Leanne storms into Martins dressing room and to her shock horror she see's him in a very passionate embrace with Roberto, the 19year old italian stage hand on work experience. She grabs Roberto by his long wavy hair and slings him out, and then she slaps Martin, collects her things and storms of into the night. Not to be outdone Martin has to walk out too...making sure Roberto was in tow.

*please note all of this is made of and i do not wish to cause offence to any memeber of the Dirty Dancing cast or crew, and have no evidence to suggest any members dislike eachother or are of a homosexual nature* re: Strange happenings at Dirty Dancing
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