How long is Billy Elliot?

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How long is Billy Elliot?#1
Posted: 11/16/08 at 5:44pm
I can't find the time length anywhere! I want to plan an evening show after the BE matinee, so I need to know how much time I'll have between the two.
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re: How long is Billy Elliot?#2
Posted: 11/16/08 at 5:47pm
Almost 3 hours.
Running Time:
Approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, including intermission
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re: How long is Billy Elliot?#2
Posted: 11/16/08 at 5:54pm
2 hrs. and 45 mins too long.

Close this stuff down. And please take "13" with it.
re: How long is Billy Elliot?#3
Posted: 11/16/08 at 7:59pm
Here is a news flash (in case anybody hasn't noticed):

------------Spoiler alert--------------
[username] Liza+Jesus=Patti does not like BE.
-----------end spoiler alert-----------

Just wanted to put that out there for you LJP, I'm not sure with the highjacking of every thread EVER created about BE, and your subtle hints (eg. "shut this..down") that everybody has noticed.

I personally don't give a flying [explative tastefully foregone] that you don't like it, care who SO peed in your Wheaties, or care that you whoreship L,J, OR P. (look up the word -- you'll see it applies)

Last time I checked, YOU were perfectly entitled to your opinion, and may choose to share (there are plenty of "I hate Billy" threads) -- but all your rants are doing is proving that you suffer from a Napoleonic complex somehow focussed on this (successful and entertaining) show.

You have my sympathy.
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re: How long is Billy Elliot?#4
Posted: 11/16/08 at 8:29pm
I am literally speechless at the fact that 13 and BILLY ELLIOT were just compared.

Anyway, it's roughly two hours and forty five minutes long.
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re: How long is Billy Elliot?#5
Posted: 11/16/08 at 8:35pm
TBD2 is my hero.
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re: How long is Billy Elliot?#6
Posted: 11/16/08 at 8:52pm
General note: One thing that is good for is running time!
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