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Judge rules against YouTube star in divorce court

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By Edith Honan

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A British actress who earned YouTube stardom after posting monologues about her failed high society marriage was cruel to her husband and must vacate their apartment within a month, a New York judge ruled on Monday.

Tricia Walsh Smith, 49, has until August 21 to move out of the swank Park Avenue apartment belonging to Broadway producer Philip Smith, 77. The apartment provided a backdrop for some of Walsh Smith's video monologues, which have been seen by millions of viewers on the YouTube Web site.

Philip Smith, the president of the Shubert Organization which owns Broadway theatres and stages shows, had sued for divorce on the grounds the videos constituted spousal abuse. He was ordered to pay Walsh Smith $50,000 (25,000 pounds) immediately and, within 30 days, $700,000 promised under the couple's prenuptial agreement, signed before their 1999 wedding.
Judge rules against YouTube star in divorce court
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Does this mean no more videos? re: Judge rules against YouTube star in divorce court
"Winning a Tony this year is like winning Best Attendance in third grade: no one will care but the winner and their mom."

"I have also met him in person, and I find him to be quite funny actually. Arrogant and often misinformed, but still funny."
-bjh2114 (on Michael Riedel)
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Please let there be another video.

or better yet....A Lifetime Movie.
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Or, of course, a musical. At a Shubert Organization theatre.
Cheyenne Jackson tickled me. AFTER ordering SoMMS a drink but NOT tickling him, and hanging out with Girly in his dressing room (where he DIDN'T tickle her) but BEFORE we got married. To others. And then he tweeted Boobs. He also tweeted he's good friends with some chick on "The Voice" who just happens to be good friends with Tink's ex. And I'm still married. Oh, and this just in: "Pettiness, spite, malice ....Such ugly emotions... So sad." - After Eight, talking about MEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so honored! :-)
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And I know just the perfect musical!
re: Judge rules against YouTube star in divorce court
Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.
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