Man of La Mancha at the Engeman

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Man of La Mancha at the Engeman#1
Posted: 7/8/08 at 1:18pm
After seeing the recent photos of this production here on BWW and being really surprised that my old hometown movie theatre had been converted to a live theatre I ventured out this past weekend to see the show.
Man of La Mancha has always been on of my favorites and was actually the first musical I ever attended back in the late 60's.
This production at the Engeman is perhaps one of the best revivals I have seen (including the recent Brian Stokes Mitchell revival!) The cast is superb and gives stellar and gritty performances. Carey Brown's Adonza is intense with all the strong operatic flourishes the score requires. She actually blew me away with her version of "It's All the Same"
McDonald's Don Quixote was strong and endearing. With just the proper amount of physical comedy needed to sell the character. He slips between the Cervantes/Quixote roles seamlessly and was a joy to see on stage.
The set was great, a dark damp cellar, claustrophobic and teeming with danger. Like it should be, unlike the recent Broadway revival where the set was used to remove you from the prison , here it is the actors and the story they tell are what transforms the set, making you forget where you and they are.
My only criticism of this production is that the dialogue (at times) seemed somewhat rushed and some of the humor was lost in the process. Perhaps as the actors get more comfortable in their roles this will become less of a problem.
Congrats to Northport for it's beautiful new theatre and congrats to the Engeman for a beautiful production!
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