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Spring Awakening review 6/25/08 Mat

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Spring Awakening review 6/25/08 Mat#1
Posted: 6/25/08 at 7:41pm
I saw the show for my 4th time today at the Mat. This was my first time seeing the show without Groff and Lea. I thought I was going to really miss them, but as soon as Alex opened her mouth for Mamma who bore me? and When Kyle started All Thats Known, I did not even think about the originals. WOW!...Kyle was amazing..I loved him. he was bobbing his head during Mamma Who Bore me was funny. Alex..first of all..her voice is amazing...Not as strong as Leas, but amazing none the less. From what I "heard" from when Alex was an understudy, she improved immensely. And btw, she looks 14 and truly looks curious about the world.

Kyle was amazing. Great acting and what a voice. He is much more believable to be a 15 year old boy. He was concentrating very hard and trying a bit too hard but he was great. I'm sorry, but I liked him better than Groff....Although I think Groff's melchior had more of a personality.

Blake of my favorite parts of this show...I love him in this role, this show..everytime he is onstage its great. I love his voice and acting...he has the whole thing.

Lilli, remy, Phoebe...were all very into it. None of them seemed liked they were phoning in their performance. And btw..Lilli's the dark i know where is amazing!

Emma...gets better and better..I LOVE her voice and her acting..she is amazing

the adults

Tony Carlin (u/s adult men)

much better than Glenn...he was great in all his roles

Christina was great as the adult women... I think I liked Kate Burton better though

Matt Doyle as Hanschen....I missed JBW at first..but during my junk...I guess because you could hear his voice distincivley..Wow!..what a voice!

Blake Daniel...Great..nothing special..he doesn't have much to work with

Brian Charles Johnson...doesn't sound as hoarse as everyone says he is..his solos were great

Skylar..for the past few shows I've seen..he doesn't seem like he wants to be there...but today he was great..he had energy and a great solos

the ensemble....Great..Matt Shingledecker looks like he is really enjoying himeself...Eryn is always great...Alice I couldn't really see but I'm sure she did fine...and gerard...Gerard..I was in front row center mezz..and I could clearly see he was poking people and jumping around in his seat..funny..he was rocking out to every song..can't wait for his moritz

last thing:

This is the last time I'm seeing SA with this cast. And I hate it..this cast was amazing...I hope the next melchior lives up to the first too. And I hope Gerard lives up to Blake and JGJ.

One thing that is bothering me...who is Joann m. hunter?

it says she is the dance captain..yet she does no roles in the cast...

I thought Eryn Murman was the dance captain..guess not..although it says that in my old playbills
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re: Spring Awakening review 6/25/08 Mat#2
Posted: 6/25/08 at 8:02pm
I have seen that Joann Hunter has had various dance captain positions in the past, and she even was a dancer in the "Broadway Dance Studio" scene in Center Stage. She obviously is a trained dancer, although it is interesting as to why she'd choose to work for this show. Are you sure she isn't an understudy for the Adult Woman?
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re: Spring Awakening review 6/25/08 Mat#2
Posted: 6/25/08 at 8:33pm
I saw the show this afternoon as well for for the first time since it first opened and I really enjoyed the new cast. Everything was much more believable with Kyle and Alexandra as the leads.
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re: Spring Awakening review 6/25/08 Mat#3
Posted: 6/26/08 at 10:49pm
I completely agree with you guys. I saw a matinee of the show last week and felt like both Kyle and Alexandra were very believable as young teens. I felt like both of them had a very firm grasp on their characters. There was one point in the show were Brian was a little hoarse; I think it was during 'Bitch of Living'. Overall I thought the show was great, and I really enjoyed everyone.

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