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CRY-BABY At Seth's Chatterbox Tonight At 6:00PM

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Wanna Be A Foster
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
The cast of CRY-BABY will sit down for an interview with Seth Rudetsky at the Chatterbox tonight at 6:00PM.

Seth's Chatterbox is held at DON'T TELL MAMA:

343 West 46th Street
"Winning a Tony this year is like winning Best Attendance in third grade: no one will care but the winner and their mom."

"I have also met him in person, and I find him to be quite funny actually. Arrogant and often misinformed, but still funny."
-bjh2114 (on Michael Riedel)
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Will James Snyder be there? I must kidnap him.
"The world is a better place because of hairspray." - Michael Ball