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Posted: 5/7/08 at 10:24am
GLORY DAYS Review from THE BLAHG. (Click below for the full enchilada! Love you, call me later.)

When I first heard the story behind Glory Days, the daring new musical penned by two 23-year-old pipsqueaks (one just a little slip of a flouncing chorine in this season’s Cry-Baby), prepping to make its home on a real Broadway stage at the Circle in the Square Theatre (ok - maybe not a real Broadway stage), I kvelled with the excitement of an overbearing Jewish mother whose son had just come out of the closet. I mean, how inspiring??...How thrilling??...How annoying?? (I was also jealous. Did I mention I was jealous?) But what a remarkable accomplishment, really. And perhaps this would be the groundbreaking sleeper of the year we’d all been waiting for! What I was witness to at a recent performance of the show, however, was an absolute shande! My "gay son" had split ends and couldn’t dress worth a damn....

Brimming with affected frat boy camaraderie and the sort of over-caffeinated, counterfeit rock ‘n’ roll pep that would inspire a B line to the nearest bathroom during a third-rate national touring production of Footloose, Glory Days is...

The Bloggity Blahg-Blahg