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this season's new musicals

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this season's new musicals#0
Posted: 1/8/04 at 3:40pm
It seems that a lot of musicals this season are getting mixed reviews from the people who go to see them. Disregarding the critics, there seems to be general thoughts about these shows that are often contradicted by individual opinions. There are comments that the Wicked score is weak, but people come back praising. Many are saying that most people don't like Taboo, but reading individual thoughts prove differently. So, what do people REALLY think about the new musicals they've seen? Which shows do you like, which don't you like, which do you enjoy despite the fact that the show itself isn't so hot, and which shows are good shows that just don't sit well? Obviously an opinion is an opinion, but I think this will be interesting.
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re: this season's new musicals#1
Posted: 1/8/04 at 9:34pm
If you're basing the comments about Taboo and Wicked on the people from this board, don't. It's the general public that keeps these shows going, only occasionally (Rent-Heads, Jekkies, etc.) Have the major fan(atics) kept shows running for a mildly short period of time.
BSoBW2: I punched Sondheim in the face after I saw Wicked and said, "Why couldn't you write like that!?"
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re: re: this season's new musicals#2
Posted: 1/8/04 at 10:11pm
" It's the general public that keeps these shows going, ..."

Very true for THE BOY FROM OZ!

And, of course, the critical acclaim for Hugh Jackman's performance has been key.

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re: re: re: this season's new musicals#3
Posted: 1/9/04 at 7:08am
I loved Avenue Q! Avenue Q was the most creative, innovative, and original musical in recent memory. The score was delightful, the book was hilarious, the performances were incredible, the puppets were masterfully crafted. What a wonderful show! I am a strict opposer of "new" musicals like The Boy from Oz and Mamma Mia! These are not musicals, but rather rehashed turkeys meant to make some producers a quick buck. Avenue Q was wonderful in every respect. As Mary Poppins would say: it was supercalifagilisticexpialadocous. Everyone reading this who hasn't seen this show, run to the Golden. You won't regret whatever you put down for a ticket. I haven't been this excited about a show in a very long time.