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Beware the ideas of March

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Broadway Legend
Beware the ideas of March#1
Posted: 3/15/08 at 3:22pm
Although Frederic March was a great actor, he had the silly notion that being a diva was just self-indulgent.
Had this radical idea spread we might be without such luminaries as Patti, Barbara, Bette, Joan and all the rest.

"I have earnestly endeavored to perform my own share without fuss or temperament. An actor has no more right to be temperamental than a bank clerk. Possibly a very sane bringing up as a child has helped me to retain my sense of proportion in these matters." - Frederic March

....but the world goes 'round
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Broadway Legend
re: Beware the ideas of March#2
Posted: 3/15/08 at 4:05pm
"`Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents,' grumbled Jo, lying on the rug."

The first line of Little Women.

Jo March had some ideas too, even if she was fictional.
"Jaws is the Citizen Kane of movies."
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Broadway Star
re: Beware the ideas of March#2
Posted: 3/15/08 at 4:07pm
wow! a month full of ideas!
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re: Beware the ideas of March#3
Posted: 3/15/08 at 6:07pm
I dunno Taz, I like March's ideas. think of it: "An actor has no more right to be temperamental than a bank clerk." Actors could be free to work and bank lobbies would be clotted with paparazzi as they follow that teller who shaved her head and the other one who made yet another sex tape.
No good can possibly come from using this vast wasteland of error and deliberate deceit. You should get off of it and warn others away. You should make sure your children and grandchildren know what a corrupt and morally bankrupt institution it truly is.
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Broadway Legend
re: Beware the ideas of March#4
Posted: 3/15/08 at 6:43pm
I like The "Ides of March" song "Vehicle".
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." -- Author Unknown