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BC/EFA Spring Donations- Page 5

Leading Actor
Leading Actor
re: BC/EFA Spring Donations#101
Posted: 4/25/08 at 5:19pm
The Raise-a-lot auction for Spamalot ended yesterday. The final bids were:

$6,278.88 Clay's final night: champagne toast and tickets
$5,755.00 Clay's gloves
$11,105.00 Clay's Sir Robin tabard
$22,855.00 Dinner with Clay and the cast
$4,725.00 A walk on part as a monk in Spamalot
$711 Drummer's assistant

Total $51,429.88

There is a new auction now on eBay for a page of the "You Won't Succeed On Broadway" score signed by Clay. It's at $1,950.00 so far with 2 days to go.

Autographed Polaroid pictures, Posters and Playbills are $300.00, $100.00, and $40.00

Cape Twirl of Doom Profile PhotoCape Twirl of Doom Profile Photo
Cape Twirl of Doom
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: BC/EFA Spring Donations#102
Posted: 4/25/08 at 6:44pm
After the show lets out/before it starts can I slip in to buy one?

Yes. Stop by the theatre when it lets out at around 10:50-10:55pm and just walk up to the bar inside the lobby. As long as they still have posters for sale you will be able to buy one. This is the last weekend they will be collecting, so I'd go tonight or tomorrow if I were you.
"It's Phantom meets Hamlet... Phamlet!"
re: BC/EFA Spring Donations#103
Posted: 4/25/08 at 7:04pm
thanks so much--I'll be doing it tomorrow night
JRybka Profile PhotoJRybka Profile Photo
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: BC/EFA Spring Donations#104
Posted: 4/25/08 at 9:42pm
I bought so much at the when I was there two weeks ago...
Posters of
Wicked, The Little Mermaid & Mary Poppins

Also the Curtains program signed
The cookbook signed by Debra Monk

two pictures from The Little Mermaid signed by Sierra and Sherie.
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