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Bam Bam Goes To School

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Bam Bam Goes To School#1
Posted: 3/5/08 at 9:42pm
Maybe Obama has learned a lesson.

Never count the Clintons out. He had Hillary on the mat twice & did not finish her off. Hillary (& Bill) will cut the heart out of anyone standing in their way of a white house return engagement. The fact that they are in the same party makes absolutely no difference.

Alledgedly, Bam Bam beats Mc cain but he beats Hillary. The fact that mc cain is the nominee but Bam bam & Hillary have to battle it out (Maybe to the convention) will leave the victor battered & bloody.

The outcome last night bodes well for Mc Cain.
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Updated On: 3/5/08 at 09:42 PM
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re: Bam Bam Goes To School#2
Posted: 3/5/08 at 9:54pm
No, it doesn't.
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re: Bam Bam Goes To School#2
Posted: 3/5/08 at 9:57pm
"The fact that they are in the same party makes absolutely no difference."

Why should it?
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re: Bam Bam Goes To School#3
Posted: 3/5/08 at 11:18pm
"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) kicks off his general-election campaign trailing both potential Democratic nominees in hypothetical matchups, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) leads McCain, who captured the delegates needed to claim the Republican nomination Tuesday night, by 12 percentage points among all adults in the poll; Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) holds a six-point lead over the GOP nominee. Both Democrats are buoyed by moderates and independents when going head to head with McCain and benefit from sustained negative public assessments of President Bush and the war in Iraq."
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re: Bam Bam Goes To School#4
Posted: 3/6/08 at 12:16am
re: Bam Bam Goes To School

...oops. Wrong Bam-Bam.

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re: Bam Bam Goes To School#5
Posted: 3/6/08 at 12:46am
That's more than you can say for yourself, Roxy, 4th grade dropout.
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