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For Those Moving to NYC

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Broadway Legend
For Those Moving to NYC#1
Posted: 3/5/08 at 10:06am
If you have good bargaining skills, you may be able to negotiate a good rent at Stuyvesant Town. It seems they have a higher than average vacancy rate (5-10%).
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re: For Those Moving to NYC#2
Posted: 3/5/08 at 4:12pm
That high vacancy rate? Hilary's fault.
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for those moving to nyc#2
Posted: 3/5/08 at 4:15pm
she did it through her lapdog bloomberg who's even now stringing bammy along before endorsing blondie and becoming her lover if not her veep.
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for those moving to nyc#3
Posted: 3/5/08 at 9:31pm
I lived in Stuy Town for the first two years after I moved here, and I loved it. The apartments are gorgeous, and it's a very welcoming community. Great location too.
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