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Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!

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Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#1
Posted: 2/23/08 at 8:35am
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Well, not quite. But the Brewers' hefty slugger showed up to camp on Wednesday and dropped the mother of bombshells for someone of his considerable size: He is now a vegetarian. After learning the dirty truth about how cows are cut up, he now eats no meat and no fish but he does consume plenty of ketchup-drowned Boca Burgers


I usually dont push my principles and ideas to people..but spare me this time. I love when I read stories like this.... specially in the morning..

Just a quick sharing: When became a vegetarian 6 yrs ago...It did not affect me at all. I lift weights 6 days a week and I drink Soy protein. I guess what prompted me to change my lifestyle was to see an animal get killed. I read that pigs are probably one of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom (more than our dog) yet we raised them and slughtered them... some pigs developed a mental disorder during their lifespan bec. they are raised in a small pens and injected with a lot of who knows? they probbably knew that sooner or later they will be slaughtered .....and probably the worst are chicken..who are caged all thru their short existence in this world...and after they were injected with hormones and laid 100 eggs.. old hens are slaughtered again for their meat...

Friends of mine in the gym told me before.. you cant be vegetarian and lift will loose all your muscles..but i told them then.. I would rather loose my muscle or be soo skinny than eat meat again...and I made that decision a long time ago...and I never look back evers since least in my mind I have save countless chickens, pigs & cows.... sorry to brag..not counting that I look leaner than ever...

Again...Sorry to be preachy....but I am very 'touch" when I read stories like this...I suggest..if youre not doing anything.. visit a slaughter house and it probabbly change you...

Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!


Updated On: 2/23/08 at 08:35 AM
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re: Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#2
Posted: 2/23/08 at 8:38am
<----loves meat.

malnourished baby cow is delicious.
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re: Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#2
Posted: 2/23/08 at 9:03am
cool story. I know that Serena Williams is a veg as well, and probably many other athletes.
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re: Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#3
Posted: 2/23/08 at 9:20am
I was very excited when I saw this story this morning. It saddens me that people don't take the time to really educate themselves on where there food comes from. This is the primary source of nourishment for your body, take a moment to think about where it came from and how it got there! The conditions on factory farms and practices in slaughterhouses are truly abhorrent.

The comments on that story are so obnoxious.

What most people fail to realize is that it is actually very easy to acquire enough protein through vegetable sources and that vegetable protein is actually a complete protein as compared to animal protein.
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re: Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#4
Posted: 2/23/08 at 10:40am
oh here we go only comment on this will be that we are is not natural for people to only eat omnivores we eat both
To expect mankind to suddenly become herbivores just makes no sense. And most people do not have the dedication, or education to know how to get the same kind of protein in the same amounts as they get from meat.
And most governments would never put that sort of system in place.

Having said that, there is nothing more disgusting to me than raw meat....when I do cook with it, I scrub my hands so much to get it off my skin.

I tend to eat much more chicken, and tuna (I don't really like any other seafood)

I used to go to the Farmer's Market in Detroit years ago every Saturday and literally would hold my nose closed as I walked through the meat area to get to the veggies outside.

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re: Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#5
Posted: 2/23/08 at 3:35pm
I prefer to know that anything I eat once had a soul.
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re: Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#6
Posted: 2/24/08 at 12:17am
I too like knowing that the creature that I am about to eat was once alive.

In all searousness there is nothing wrong with eating meat. It is more natural then being a vegaterian or a vegan. Keep in mind that the way the animal kingdom works is that animals eat other animals for survival that is the way it is. It is no different from humans.

There is a teacher in my school who is a vegaterian for a different reason other then the whole "I hate eating animals thing." And that is because the US system of grading meat and figuring out if it is good for you or not is so dated that it is hard to tell if your going to eat something that is actually very bad for you despite the fact it might be grade A meat.
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re: Baseball Star turns Vegetarian!#7
Posted: 2/24/08 at 12:50am
I became a vegetarian in 1990.

My parents used to buy their beef from this butcher who actually had the cows out back. I used to go and pet the cows and talk to them and stuff while my parents were inside buying steaks and hamburgers. Inside, there would be some cows hung up on hooks with their blood draining out, some cut up into pieces, etc. After going there a few times, I realized that I must be eating cows that I had petted and talked to on previous visits. As that thought dawned on me, I noticed my dog, who was sitting next to me waiting for me to drop some crumbs. I thought "why is it ok to eat the cow I petted, but I won't eat my dog?" I couldn't rationalize it.

Then I started to read about how meat is produced in the United States, and as another poster said, it is pretty gross. And there are so many yucky things that can happen to meat and it is still considered "grade A". And forget about all the chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormomes in the meat.

Another poster said that its natural to eat meat. I agree. My cousin's husband is from St. Lucia and he has all these pictures of him killing cows and chickens and eating them. I dont even flinch at that stuff. But how can you call how Americans eat meat "natural"? Its not natural.

I know its not practical to say that anyone who wants to eat meat has got to go out and hunt down cows, all I'm saying is you cant use the "its natural to eat meat" argument here in the U.S. In graduate school, one of my clustermates was from Romania and after a couple weeks of being in the U.S. she had to stop eating meat because it made her so moody and sick.

The other problem with meat is the environmental problems. Growing all the crops to feed all those animals. The methane gas that cow poop creates. All the water the animals drink. All the electricity needed to grow, kill and process the animal. It would be more environmentally friendly to just eat plants instead. days of being preachy about vegetarianism are long gone. Most of the time I deny being a vegetarian just because I'm so tired of talking about it. And don't ever try going to a catered event as a vegetarian---you will create a huge scene.
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i like to kill my own food. fortunately, i don't mind slaughtering and eating idiots so i'm well stocked here in nyc.
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