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drops dead after "I do"

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drops dead after "I do"#1
Posted: 2/11/08 at 6:14am

Bride collapses, dies during first dance


Sunday, February 10th 2008, 12:05 PM
Teddy Efkarpides' clutches a pair of slippers that belonged to his bride, Kim Sjostrom. She died in his arms during the first dance at their wedding. Lazarus/AP

Teddy Efkarpides' clutches a pair of slippers that belonged to his bride, Kim Sjostrom. She died in his arms during the first dance at their wedding.

It was a moment Kim Sjostrom had been waiting for her whole life.

Wrapped in the arms of her new husband, the Bronx-born bride seemed enraptured as she glided across the floor during the couple's first wedding dance.

But in an instant, the Florida teacher's dreamy bliss went terribly wrong.

The 36-year-old suddenly collapsed in the arms of her mate and died as more than 60 horrified loved ones looked on.
A friend rushed over to try CPR, but it was too late.

Sjostrom, a diabetic raised in the Bronx, had died of heart disease, less than an hour after tying the knot on Jan. 19.

The Davie, Fla., elementary school teacher had long dreamed of the day she'd be dancing with Teddy Efkarpides to their favorite tune: a Greek song that means "Love Me."

"She was my soul mate," a heartbroken Efkarpides, 43, told the Miami Herald. "She looked past all my flaws to bring out the best in me.

"She always looked me in the eyes, always with a smile, as if she won the lottery," he added.

Sjostrom had battled diabetes since childhood and was featured on posters in New York promoting the dangers of the disease. The Brooklyn-born Efkarpides even recalled seeing the poster showing Sjostrom years ago as he rode the New York subways.

While in her 20s, Sjostrom had a cardiac episode and just a week before the wedding had suffered a miscarriage, the Herald reported. But friends and relatives never suspected Sjostrom was in any danger.

"She always took care of herself," said her stepbrother, Frank Correa, 37. "It's a shock that it even happened."

Sjostrom and Efkarpides, who lives in Sunrise, Fla., met online three years ago. After one date, their love quickly blossomed.

Sjostrom's fellow teachers at Davie Elementary approached the wedding as if it were a school project.

One teacher offered up her home as a venue. Another bought Sjostrom's gown. And the school's music teacher, an ordained minister, presided over the service.

The ceremony was bathed in blue and white - the colors of the Greek flag. Sjostrom was ecstatic to be marrying a Greek man. She'd had a Greek-themed bridal shower and had the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," playing as friends prepared her hair and makeup before the wedding ceremony.

During their dance, Sjostrom complained of feeling lightheaded. Efkarpides' initial thought was that her blood-sugar was low. But she collapsed moments later and he was suddenly a widower.

Days later, Efkarpides posted a message on Sjostrom's Facebook page.

"My life will never be the same without you," it reads. "You have left an impression on the whole world and this loss is felt deeper than ever imagined. Be well my love and may God keep you in his tender care, till he brings us together again."

With Caitlin Millat and News Wire Services

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re: drops dead after 'I do'#2
Posted: 2/11/08 at 6:30am
Hey, at least he won't have to pay taxes on her inheritance.
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re: drops dead after 'I do'#2
Posted: 2/11/08 at 9:11am
dude that was catty and in poor taste.

That is actually the saddest thing I have ever heard of...
I couldn't have been the groom. That would've damaged me for life.
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re: drops dead after 'I do'#3
Posted: 2/11/08 at 11:26am
extremely poor taste, but consider the source.

It will also probably be deleted as it's copywrited, and he re-produced it word for word, which is against BWW tos, AS bww can be sued.....which is why most of us post a DECENT title to our thread, then a line or two, and finally a link to the actual article.

tacky tiny, very, very tacky.
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re: drops dead after 'I do'#4
Posted: 2/11/08 at 12:11pm
That's just awful.

You know, if you wrote that into the plot of a movie, everyone would say it was ridiculously maudlin and over-the-top, and that things like that don't happen in real life... Well, truth is stranger than fiction, as they say.
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re: drops dead after 'I do'#5
Posted: 2/11/08 at 12:15pm
Very sad.

This school is less than 2 miles from where I live.
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