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Moving advice

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Moving advice#1
Posted: 1/28/08 at 6:18pm
Alright all, so I am *possibly* getting a job in the city...finally!

Anyway, the job is technically in Astoria, so it would be more convenient for me to live there. First of all, would that be a good place to live? I lived in the city for a summer, but I stayed in an NYU dorm, so that's pretty much the only experience I have.

Second, if I am going to survive, I'm going to have to find a roommate. What would be the best way to go about that? I've heard a lot about Craigslist, but have never actually used it.

Third, what would be the easiest and cheapest way to move all of my belongings without having to pay a ton for a moving company?

That's it in a nutshell. Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated.
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re: Moving advice#2
Posted: 1/28/08 at 6:33pm
"Third, what would be the easiest and cheapest way to move all of my belongings without having to pay a ton for a moving company?"

Make friends with people who have trucks.
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Posted: 1/28/08 at 6:51pm
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re: Moving advice#3
Posted: 1/28/08 at 10:24pm
Cheap packing material - your own clothes. Layer plates and bowls and other breakables between t-shirts and sweaters. When you pack shoes, ball up socks and underwear and stuff them inside the shoes so they don't get squashed.

Laundry baskets make great replacements for boxes, and are often cheaper!
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re: Moving advice#4
Posted: 1/28/08 at 11:00pm
Re: Astoria. You will love it. I moved to Astoria from the Upper East Side in the late Fall and absolutely love it. I actually wish I had moved out here when I originally moved to NYC. You get so much more for your money. I have a nice, clean, updated cute apartment, and can get a manicure for $6 ($19 for manicure and pedicure : ), not to mention there is great, great food. I live off the 30th Ave stop and it only takes me about 10-15 minutes to get into the city at 59th and Lex.

And yes, use Craigslist. It is how I found my current apartment and roomie. Be prepared to spend a lot of time looking and emailing though. On the positive side though, it took me 2 months to find a apt I liked on the UES (so much competition) but only 2 weeks to find a much nicer one in Astoria (for $300 less a month too).

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