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Group medical insurance?

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Group medical insurance?#1
Posted: 1/25/08 at 10:11pm
Is there anything out there that allows you to join a group medical plan if you have your own business? I recently started a business, but can only do it part time. I have preexisting medical issues and feel trapped in my other job because I need the group medical plan. I was just wondering if there is anything that allows several small business to join forces to get a group plan. i am ok paying more than what I pay now, as long as it's a group plan. I know this is probably wishful thinking and I am SOL, but it can't hurt to ask.
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Broadway Star
re: Group medical insurance?#2
Posted: 1/26/08 at 3:25pm
Often, if you join your local Chamber of Commerce, you can participate in a plan that they offer.