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singing lessons...please help!

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singing lessons...please help!#1
Posted: 1/25/08 at 12:06am
I know there has been threads about this in the past, but I have a very specific problem. I've been taking a "Joy of Singing" class for about 6 months- it's a group lesson, then everyone gets to sing one song that the vocal teacher critiques. For my end of class evaluation, the vocal teacher wrote that I need to take private lessons to "find my headvoice"- everything I sing comes from my chest. Also, I have an extremely small range. Songs like "All That Jazz" "Nowadays" and "Hello In There" by Bette Midler actually had to be transposed for me with certain notes.(and those songs are already very low) He suggested that I work with someone in private lessons while taking the "Joy of Singing"- preferably someone who can teach me "pop" songs and how to find my headvoice. Extremely beginner- any suggestions?
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re: singing lessons...please help!#2
Posted: 1/25/08 at 3:59pm
Yes, take private lessons. Depending on where you live, you can find voice teachers at reasonable rates. Often, college music students, in graduate school, teach at lower rates and they are excellent!

Check with your local University/College and go to their Music Department and see if they have students who offer private voice lessons. In fact, it may be free or very low priced if they need to do it for credit!

Good luck in your journey.
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re: singing lessons...please help!#2
Posted: 1/25/08 at 4:50pm
Though Bette's version is gorgeous and my absolute favorite, "Hello in There" is by John Prine.
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re: singing lessons...please help!#3
Posted: 1/26/08 at 2:03am
Yes, you will learn so much working one on one with a teacher. Make sure he or she is qualified.... looking into university students is a great idea.
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re: singing lessons...please help!#4
Posted: 1/26/08 at 2:50am
Definitely check the teacher's credentials and knowledge before you give them any money. There are people out there who have no business teaching voice lessons. Think about how many awful contestants have appeared on American idol either claiming to be a voice teacher or that their instructor told them they sound great. Good luck!