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Madrigals Singing Group

Madrigals Singing Group#1
Posted: 1/4/08 at 9:17pm
In 2 weeks I have auditions for the Madrigals (It's the elite singing group at my high school and everybody knows them. They are like the community celebrities) And during our audition songs we have to act. For one of the songs I am totally stumped as how to act this song out. It's very choral. Here are the lyrics:

Then Music, the mosaic of the air.
Did of all these a solemn noise prepare.
With which she gained the empire of the ear.
Including all between the earth and Sphere.
Victorious sounds, yet here your homage due.
Unto a gentler conqueror than you, who though he flies the music of his praise
Would with you heavens hallelujuahs raise.
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re: Madrigals Singing Group#2
Posted: 1/5/08 at 12:19pm
I am totally stumped as how to act this song out.

Remember that acting is not something based on gestures, costumes or props. Comb through the lyrics and figure out what they mean to you. Which words do you think are particularly beautiful? What do these lyrics make you think of? What emotion do you want to convey?

In a Madrigal audition, your acting will be your ability to bring the words to life, to convey your passion for the song you're singing and to demonstrate your ability to make an audience "feel" a song.

Final note: NO indicating! Just don't do it! Keep gestures minimal.

Let me know how it goes!