For the Dance Enthusiasts on this Board:Twyla Tharp New Work...Finally!

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This is kind of old news, but I have not seen a post on this yet.
The Pacific Northwest Ballet has commissioned Twyla Tharp to make a new dance on them in 2008 (which is finally here)!

I am having trouble finding a liked article right now, but if you got to her website, her September 2008 shows "New Work" for the Pacific Northwest Ballet

The world is graced with another Tharp Work!

Finally, Tharp gets back to the companies!
This makes me excited. She seems to have made a nice impact in the theater world with Movin Out and The Times They Are A Changin. From a dance perspective, the success of Movin Out was tremendous, as an evening-length work has never been presented so long (I think).
What makes me even MORE excited is that this is her first new dance since Even the King in 2003, and her first new dance on a company that was not hers since Surfer at the River Styx in 2000 which was choreographed for A.D.F. NC