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A Chorus Line Monologue. Please Help!!!

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A Chorus Line Monologue. Please Help!!!

Posted: 12/30/07 at 6:29pm
I am trying to get a hold of Bobby's Monologue from A Chorus Line. I am going to do it for juries at school. Very grateful to anyone who could help me out in any way shape or form!

Thank you!
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you can buy the complete book of ACL... I saw it a local Borders or
What a night! I was in more laps than a napkin!
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Well, actually, I don't know how I turned out as heavenly as I did. See, when I was five years old I was playing jacks -- and the car fell down on my head.

(The GROUP boos, groans, etc.)

Get the hook.

Bobby, are you gonna do a routine?

No, no... moving right along, moving along... Let's see... Do you wanna know about all the wonderful and exciting things that have happened to me 'in my life? , Or do you want the truth?

I'll take the truth.

Well, to begin with, I come from this quasi-middle-upper or upper-middle class, family-type-home. I could never figure out which but it was real boring. I mean, we had money -but no taste. You know the kind of house -- Astroturf on the patio? Anyway my mother had a lot of card parties and was one of the foremost bridge cheaters in America. My father worked for this big corporation. They used to send him out into the field a lot -- to drink. Better, that than to find him lying on his office floor... But he was okay I was the strange one.

How strange?

Real, real strange. I used to love to give garage 'recitals. BIZARRE recitals. This one, time I was doing Frankenstein as a musicale and I spray-painted this kid silver -- all over. They had to rush him to the hospital. 'Cause he had that thing when
your pores can't breathe...

He lived 'cause luckily I didn't paint the soles of his
feet and...

As I got older I kept getting stranger and stranger. I used to go down to this busy intersection near my house at rush hour and direct traffic. I just wanted to see if anybody'd notice me. That's when I started breaking into people's houses -- Oh, I didn't steal anything -- I'd just re-arrange their furniture. And ...

School? You wanna hear about school? I went to P. S. Shit ... See, I was the kind of kid that was always getting slammed into lockers and -stuff like that. Not only by the students -- by the teachers too. Oh, and I hated sports, hated sports. And sports were very big. I mean, it was jock city, but I didn't make one team. See, I couldn't catch a ball if it had Elmer's Glue on it. And wouldn't my father have to be this big ex-football hero? He was SO humiliated, he didn't know what to tell his friends. So he told 'em all I had polio. On Father's Day I used to limp for him.

And my mother kept saying: "If you don't stop setting your brother on fire, we're going to have to send you away." And I was always thinking up these spectacular ways how to kill myself. But then I realized -- to commit suicide in Buffalo is redundant.
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re: A Chorus Line Monologue. Please Help!!!

Posted: 12/31/07 at 12:54pm
That's the crappy movie version. The stage version is "And".
A Chorus Line revival played its final Broadway performance on August 17, 2008. The tour played its final performance on August 21, 2011. A new non-equity tour started in October 2012 played its final performance on March 23, 2013. Another non-equity tour launched on January 20, 2018. The tour ended its US run in Kansas City and then toured throughout Japan August & September 2018.
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This is the stage version too, just without all of the song parts in between each section. He asked for the monologue, not for the whole song.
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I got it from my libretto, thanks....
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How rude the originaly poster doesn't even thank you, BroadwayPenguin2.
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