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d list#1
Posted: 12/28/07 at 7:10am
Reality Calls

Cher and her daughter, Chastity Bono, are looking to star in a new reality show reports the Daily Mail. It's the new Laurel & Hardy! Cher and Chastity haven't always gotten along and Cher even said she had a time learning that Chastity likes to dive for muffins. Damn, it looks like she's been eating a WHOLE lot of muffins lately. Muffins with butter and jam. Muffins with a side of cake. Muffins with a side of bacon grease and Crisco. All kinds. Chastity Bono eats tons of muffins.

The new reality show will have Cher and Chastity helping gays come out to their parents. I'm telling you! There's no need for this. All you gotta do is do what I did and look your mommy straight in the eye and say, "I SUCK DICK (or **** if you're female)!" and that's it. It's easy. Even a Hilton can do it.

The show is apparently going to be titled "Coming Out with Cher and Chas."

A source said, "They'd like a bidding war between the stations. It's no secret they have had problems in their relationship and they think that makes them ideal to offer advice to those who are going through the same thing. They are looking to give their careers a lift and are promising producers there will be on-air fireworks between them."

And they will work for cheap! Chastity will work for muffins and Cher will work for Botox injections. Perfect! If that reality show doesn't work out Chastity can always become a Davis brother. Their family has billions and Gummi Bear and Greasy Bear will totally believe her when she tells them she's their long lost brother. She can be Dykey Bear!
Updated On: 12/28/07 at 07:10 AM
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: d list#2
Posted: 12/28/07 at 11:20am
As a DL humor genius put it, "Well, her name is Chastity, not Temperance."
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