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"Santa's Baby" - Jackie Beat

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Broadway Legend
"Santa's Baby" - Jackie Beat#1
Posted: 12/12/07 at 4:17pm
Nothing says Christmas like somethin' in the oven!

"Zac is sweet as can be. He's very much just a sweet kid from California who happens to have a face that looks like it was drawn by Michelangelo, (if Michelangelo did anime)."
-Adam Shankman.

"I haven't left this building since Windows 3.1!"

"Celebrating a birthday this week: Rene Descartes is 412! Do you know who he is? Then why are you watching this show? You could probably get into college and even get one of those job things. As for the rest of us; Amanda Bynes is 22! Yay!"
-E!'s "The Soup"
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re: 'Santa's Baby' - Jackie Beat#2
Posted: 12/12/07 at 4:48pm
I love Jackie Beat! But I don't have speakers or headphones! re: 'Santa's Baby' - Jackie Beat
"Writing is like prostitution. First, you do it for love, then you do it for a few friends, and finally you do it for money." ~ Moliere