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My Fair Lady-Kennedy Center

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My Fair Lady-Kennedy Center#1
Posted: 12/10/07 at 4:48pm
Does anyone know if there are any discounts for My Fair Lady at the Kennedy Center for Jan. 2008. I wasn't able to find any and wanted to know if there were any discounts I could use.

I've never seen the show or the movie and I've heard great things so I'm very excited. I would just like great seats without paying a fortune. Thanks as always!
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re: My Fair Lady-Kennedy Center#2
Posted: 12/10/07 at 7:39pm
Kennedy Center rarely has discounts for their musicals, especially the kind that sell out (Little Women was a recent exception). They did have student tickets for $20, but according to the site ( they are sold out. So, I would say you are not likely to find one.
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Ev'ry Duke, and Earl, and Peer is Here...#2
Posted: 12/10/07 at 7:48pm
Yeah, KC doesn't play that. The only time I've gotten a deal when going to see a performance there is when it's on the Millennium Stage.

If I see anything I will certainly bump this thread for you. But when went to the site, I saw some tickets for $36.
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