The West Wing: Season 4 & "How neat is Google!"

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Guys and Gals please bear with me and Namo, for your own sanity, don't even bother with this...


I am watching an episode of season 4 of The West Wing, "Evidence of Things Not Seen."

The White House has just been shot at and the following dialogue follows:

Joe:You know, I thought I heard what sounded like gunshots when we were talking before, but I didn't... Did you hear the shots?

Josh: No, but I heard a brass quintet playing "The First Noel," so I just assumed somebody somewhere was locked and loaded.

Joe: "You know, not for nothing but the people that I talk to don't believe that story and the people that you'd like, don't care."

I was lost. I had no idea what was meant by this conversation. I assumed that the reference to "The First Noel" and "locked and loaded" had something to do with religious fanatics. I decided to Google those key words and found several links of forums that explained the interaction between the two characters.

What do you guys think?

PS: One could say that without the Internet, I would have had to figure it out for myself or more likely, would have been left in the dark forever or until I died.

Chita33 was not the only one in the dark.

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