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Condoleezza Rice ????????

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Condoleezza Rice ????????#1
Posted: 10/24/07 at 1:45pm
Condoleezza Rice's recent testimony, before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, included this statement : "Iran is a major obstacle to the U.S. vision of a Middle East in which nations will trade more, invest more, talk more and work more constructively to solve problems."

Iran (which is actually part of the middle east) is an obstacle to the United State's (not a part of the middle east) vision of the middle east?
How arrogant! Is it any surprise we are so hated over there ?
Now living in DC. I really have to change my name on the board.
Updated On: 10/24/07 at 01:45 PM
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re: Condoleezza Rice ????????#2
Posted: 10/24/07 at 7:45pm
Well they need to get over it because we are all-powerful like God.

Aren't we?

Oh. No?

Oh. Well..they should give us different essays to read in school
I mean, Denzel Washington? Gun to my head..of course.