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Phallic Frenzy!!

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Phallic Frenzy!!#1
Posted: 10/24/07 at 9:41am
Yes, its a new book on Ken Russell! One of the best/worst/best filmmakers ever!

Ah, Vanessa Redgrave with a humpback!

Oooh, a church of Marilyn where followers get a communion of pills and booze!

Mmmmm....Alan Bates and Oliver Reed wrestling in the nude!

And how awesome is Amanda Donahoe in her great performance as Lady Sylvia??

And Alan Bates and Oliver Reed wrestling in the nude!!!!

Phallic Frenzy!
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re: Phallic Frenzy!!#2
Posted: 10/24/07 at 6:23pm
My first boy crush was on Oliver Reed. I saw him in "Oliver" and was in love. Later, I discovered the wonders of nude wrestling in "Women in Love." Love Ken Russell too. "Tommy" is great if only for Tina Turner, and of course Ann-Margret rolling around in all those baked beans.