Lions for Lambs- Screening Review

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Lions for Lambs- Screening Review#1
Posted: 10/24/07 at 2:14am
I just watched a screening of the new film LIONS FOR LAMBS directed by Robert Redford and starring an ensemble cast led by Redford himself, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep but that also included great acting by Peter Berg, Andrew Garfield, Derek Luke, and Michael Penia.
The film uses the narrative technique that other films like 21 GRAMS, BABEL, and CRASH have used recently that presents different stories that are seemingly unrelated but that ultimately affect each other. In this case there are three stories: one concerns Robert Redford as a political science professor having a meeting with a student he believes has great potential, the other concerns Meryl Streep as a liberal journalist interviewing a right wing Senator (Tom Cruise) with a new plan to get victory in the Middle Eeast, the third story is about two soldiers who are stuck in a mountain in Afghanistan extremely hurt.
The film is fantastic, IMO. I strongly disliked BABEL with its typical Hollywood "liberal" message. To me this film does not attempt to send a "message" but to pose some really fascinating questions, especially through Streep's character. At first I thought she was good in the movie (it's Meryl Streep, so you know she is gonna be good), but towards the end she has an incredibly cathartic scene that puts her again as a strong contender for an Oscar nod this upcoming year. She does stellar work in LIONS FOR LAMBS.
The only quibble I had with the film is that to me it felt like it would have made a much better play.
I also felt the ending left too many loose ends.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie though. I wonder how it will be received.
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