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Saw ATONEMENT last night...

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Saw ATONEMENT last night...#1
Posted: 10/14/07 at 10:52am
...and I was blown away. I kept my fingers crossed that it would be as good as the novel (which, in my opinion is one of the best novels of the last 30 years) and it far exceeded my expectations. It was BETTER than the book. This is an epic, masterful, gorgeous film that will almost surely sweep the Oscars this year (the cinematography, score, and art direction are mesmerizing; particularly the brilliant, lush score which uses a typewriter as a musical instrument...INCREDIBLE!). This is my pick to win BEST PICTURE this year. It deserves all of the accolades it is getting. The final ten minutes or so (SPOILER: in which it is revealed that Cecilia and Robbie never really saw eachother again in person) is orchestrated in such a touching and heart stopping way that must be seen to be understood. It is never faulty, never manipulative, and the most flawless movie of the year. James McAvoy MUST get an Oscar nomination. His work is far superior to Keira Knightly (who is still very good)'s almost as good as Ryan Gosling's breakout performance (and my favorite performance of 2006) in Half Nelson. This is what The Notebook could and should have been. A beautiful, well calculated, smart, and exceptionally well developed romantic drama. It's a masterpiece and a must-see for anyone who misses the feeling of truly and genuinely being drawn into a movie and not having it let go until the credits roll at the end. It is rare that a film does that nowadays and ATONEMENT fits the bill. It's spectacular.
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re: Saw ATONEMENT last night...#2
Posted: 10/14/07 at 11:01am
Well, I guess you need to change your Avatar then. LOL. James McAvoy has definitely been added to my list of gorgeous English/Irish/Scotish men who are also great actors. Can't wait to see this.
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re: Saw ATONEMENT last night...#2
Posted: 10/14/07 at 7:15pm
In the previews for this film, James McAvoy looks a lot like a young Ewan McGregor.
I mean, Denzel Washington? Gun to my head..of course.
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re: Saw ATONEMENT last night...#3
Posted: 10/14/07 at 7:54pm
I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I'm looking forward to the movie immensely, and I certainly hope it does the book (one of my favorites as well) justice.
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re: Saw ATONEMENT last night...#4
Posted: 10/14/07 at 9:28pm
McAvoy makes me drool. In my pants.

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re: Saw ATONEMENT last night...#5
Posted: 10/15/07 at 12:05am
I can't wait to see this - I agree that the novel is one of the best contemporary novels.

But your pick to win the best picture Oscar? Come on now. How many other Oscar hopefuls have you actually seen?
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re: Saw ATONEMENT last night...#6
Posted: 10/15/07 at 1:49pm
Awards Daily (formerly Oscar Watch) currently has it at the top of the Best Picture contenders.