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Jeri Ryan, Kevin Burrows and "My One and Only"

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(This is a "I just thought I'd share" post.)

I recently acquired a DVD recorder, so I have been transferring quite a few old videotapes to disc. Last night's project was my college production of "My One and Only" starring Jeri Ryan, then known as Lynn Zimmerman, as Edith Herbert, and Kevin Burrows as Billy Buck Chandler. Jeri is best known as Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager," and Kevin, despite being immensely talented in his own right, is too often referred to solely as "Chris Seiber's boyfriend." (Not that that is a bad thing!) It also featured David Eggers, who was recently honored with the Gypsy Robe for "Curtains," as a New Rhythm Boy. (I was in the ensemble and the men's dance captain.)

Despite an overly dark lighting design and one of the worst costume nightmares I have ever experienced, it was actually a pretty darn good production. Lynn and Kevin were charming together, and the choreographer did an incredible job with an ensemble of men who had never even seen a tap shoe let alone worn one. (That's how I ended up as dance captain, being the only one who could tap!)

It brought a lot of smiles to watch it last night. Thank you for allowing me to share!
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DID Jeri Ryan play Blair's retard cousin on THE FACTS OF LIFE?

That said: I was lucky enough to see MY ONE AND ONLY with Tune AND Twiggy twice - I have no idea why this show is not book but FANTASTIC music, dancing.