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Young Frankenstien

Young Frankenstien#1
Posted: 8/15/07 at 8:41am
I was lucky enough to be in Seattle last week when 'Young Frankenstein' was just starting previews. I Got to See the show twice. I guess they are still working out kinks, because each night it was a little different, but both nights were FABULOUS!!! Mell Brooks was in the Audience both nights but snuck out just before the final curtain call. Sutton Foster is Brillant as usual, Meagan Malally is very funny and has a beautiful singing voice, Andrea Martin does Cloris Leachman Proud and her song "He was my Boy friend" is so funny. Fred Applegate is someone to watch playing multipal rolls but loved him best as the Blind Man. If you loved the movie you will love the show and if you Never saw the Movie you are in for a real treat. The show has so many laughs. I Went with my daughters who love the movie and during the intermission asked if they could go again in New York.
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Young Frankenstien#2
Posted: 8/15/07 at 9:04am
There are clips of the show on YouTube- looks fantastic.
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