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Great Composers

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Great Composers#1
Posted: 8/8/07 at 3:37am
So auditions are coming up for the new school year and I am beginning the search of what to sing. Just like everyone else I have no idea what to sing....everything is not in my range (which is bari-bass), or its over done, or it doesn't have a great 32 bar cut, or it just sucks. I am sick of singing old classics. So I had an amazing revelation one day while searching youtube. I found a lot of videos of people singing songs by unknown composers. I mean I found composers like,Jeff Blumenkrantz, Michael Arden, and kerrigan and lowdermilk. By the way I think this is a good time to mention that I'm an acting major, and I know very little about musicals and modern day composers. Which leads me to my question, does anyone know any other modern composers who write great songs for baritones or tenors? If so, where can I get the sheet music? All help would be greatly appreciated.
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re: Great Composers#2
Posted: 8/8/07 at 12:02pm
Jason Robert Brown is good for Baritones, especially selections from "songs for a new world"

also, look at John Bucchino. Very lovely songs, not always in a baritone range, but I'm sure some of the songs would be suitable.
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