Prince Frederic von Anhalt has a rough morning

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Prince Frederic von Anhalt, eighth spouse of the 90-year-old actress, called L.A. cops around 10 a.m. to say he'd been driving on Bellagio Road behind the Los Angeles Country Club when he was flagged down by three women in a white Chrysler convertible with Florida plates.

"They said they'd seen him on TV and asked to get a picture with him," LAPD spokesman Kevin Maiberger tells us.

A moment later, von Anhalt told police, one of the women put a gun to his neck. "He told me they took his gold chain, watch and gold rings from his family," Gabor's rep John Blanchette told us.

Von Anhalt, who was born circa 1943, said the women also took his wallet, removed his clothes and cuffed him to the steering wheel of the 2006 Rolls, according to Blanchette.

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