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Taylor the Latte Boy karaoke?

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Taylor the Latte Boy karaoke?#1
Posted: 7/23/07 at 4:52pm
HI, guys!

I have a talent show for my church this weekend, and I want to sing "Taylor the Latte Boy," but the thing is...I don't have any accompaniment!

I looked it up, and I know that there's a Kristin Chenoweth karaoke CD with the song on it, and I know that I could also order the sheet music online, but I don't think either one would come in time.

Which is why I'm asking you all if any of you have it, and wouldn't mind sending it to me? Of course, I'll try to do something in return to be fair.

Anyways, I just thought I'd give it a shot! Thanks everybody!! Taylor the Latte Boy karaoke?

My name is Jamie. NYU class of 2011!!!
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re: Taylor the Latte Boy karaoke?#2
Posted: 7/23/07 at 5:01pm
You can purchase the single Karaoke track and download it in two minutes at
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