The Neon Bird Project

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The Neon Bird Project#1
Posted: 7/22/07 at 2:11am
Hey guys!! I found this really great project called the Neon Bird project and I would really like to share it with you guys. Please try this........

I've got a really simple but I think potentially beautiful idea I'd like to try. It involves a piece of square paper, a pen and a wish.

In Japanese folklore, the folding of paper birds is a magical ritual. It is whispered that the folding of a thousand such paper birds results in the granting of a wish.

I'd love to spread wishes all over the world. And here's how I think we can do it.

First up you'll need a square piece of paper. It needs to be suitable for folding. Can be any colour.

Then you need to think of a wish you want to come true. Write down the wish you have on your chosen piece of paper. Could be for you, for someone else or for the world. Whatever it is, write down a wish you have that you want to come true. Make sure it's something wonderful.

Once you've done this, you'll need to turn your piece of paper with a wish written on it into a paper bird. I've included instructions here and, if you click on the button below, a video of how to make a paper swan step by step.

Once you've finished making your bird, write WWW.NEONBIRD.COM on the outside of one wing and 'OPEN ME TO READ MY WISH FOR YOU' on the other.

Leave this delicate thing you've made somewhere that a stranger can find it. This could be in a park bench, a train seat, or hanging from a tree somewhere. It could be a collection of them lined up on a stranger's desk. It could be put in an envelope and sent to a random house number. It could be handed to a stranger walking by.

Wherever possible, please take a photograph of your bird in the place you left it and upload it to our site - along with the wish that you wrote inside.

On the website there will also be a notice to anyone who has found your bird, to please let us know if your wish was received. Or if it came true.

Get folding. Take your pictures. Upload them to our site. And make sure your wish is one that would make a stranger smile.

Make a wish and maybe someone will find it. Maybe it will come true. Maybe it will be the answer to someone else's prayers. Or maybe it will just make someone smile.

Here's the idea.

I've set up a web page where you can upload photos of the delicate thing you've made and inform people of the wish you left inside it.

This page is to leave evidence of what your wish looked like and roughly where you left it. The page is also for anyone who might have found your wish to let the world know that the message in the bottle was received.

Come on guys. We can make the world a happier and more loving place, one paper bird at a time. So go out there. Spread the love. Make a stranger smile.
The Neon Bird Project
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