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bonding games

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bonding games

Posted: 4/8/07 at 10:33pm
I'm student directing a show and really want to do some trust building/cast bonding type activities. I have a couple- anyone have any favorites from your theatre programs?

My favorite is when my choir director blindfolded half our Mads group and had the other half lead us around the school. It was great! You realy had to trust your partner.

Any more...?
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re: bonding games

Posted: 4/8/07 at 11:07pm
Make everyone stand in a circle--stick out there right arm and grab someone elses hand-then the left and grab someone elses hand. they automatically become a human knot and have to work as a team to get out.
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re: bonding games

Posted: 4/12/07 at 4:45pm
Get Viola Spolin's book Improvisation For the Theater. There are some FANTASTIC games in there that not only help with bonding, but with performance as well.
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re: bonding games

Posted: 4/13/07 at 8:23pm
Forget bonding. Use the costume/set budget to buy tickets, stick the cast in a few minivans and go to Disneyland.

Hey, worked for one of my shows.
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re: bonding games

Posted: 4/14/07 at 2:29pm
Along with the disneyland trip, going out to dinner or having a movie night at a castmembers house are great.
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re: bonding games

Posted: 4/14/07 at 7:02pm
^^ Right. My directors always encourage the cast to hang out outside of rehearsals, "to build a theatre relationship!!"

We make fun of the phrasing, but it really does work.
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re: bonding games

Posted: 4/15/07 at 2:06am
movie nights work. So do pizza outings on set building days. Cast discussions of current movies. Share each other's music, and make a cast mix CD. Tell funny stories, and urge your cast to do the same. Laugh a lot! Try to create a laid back, easygoing and creative atmosphere at rehersals, and don't get too stressed out - the cast should do the same. Depending on the size of the cast, rad board games (or card games) are great for bonding a cast!!
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re: bonding games

Posted: 4/20/07 at 1:52am
The single best bonding moment I've EVER had in theater:

I founded/student directed a production this year at my high school. We hit a point when suddenly emotions were running haywire, people were wanting to kill one another, and the bad vibes were destroying everything!

We then began playing the game "I Love You Because." It is really not much of a game and frankly quite simple. You get in a circle so everyone can see one another. You start with someone, let's say "Anna" who has to say to another cast member, let's say "Joe"... "Joe, I love you because..." Then Joe picks someone and says "Suzy, I love you because..." and so on and so on untill EVERY cast member has been "loved."

I have found it most affective to start the "love" with the one person in the cast who thinks they aren't loved or the person who you think would be loved last.

For real tho. This game worked miralces in our cast. It leaves you with that "warm fuzzy" feeling. Even play some nice soft music in the background (instramental or whatever). Sounds cheezy probably but it works. The cast from that show is now still such a tight group of friends. Amazing!

We would always do this after a high strung rehearsal and on every night before the show... you have NO IDEA how many times we'd all leave crying our stage makeup off. All you need is love. :)
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re: bonding games

Posted: 1/15/21 at 1:42pm

I have found a website that offers free apps and games.

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re: bonding games

Posted: 1/19/21 at 12:19pm

That's great....wanna share the link?   

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