Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera

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If it matters, Phantom probably would win, because it's fans are still interested enough to read this page, and not to be bothered with growing pubic hair.
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re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#50
Posted: 9/15/06 at 12:22pm
"I just think the demographic for all shows is different. You see more old biddies getting in line for Phantom and more teeny boppers in line for Rent & Wicked."

No, you don't. According to polling and on-site surveys, Wicked's audience is the average for all Broadway shows...i.e., the average age was in the late fories. While its fanbase may skew younger, the theater-audience makeup is typical of any standard Broadway show. The same goes for RENT. I would say that Wicked's and RENT's fanbase is passionate and loud, but Phantom's borders on psychotic. I was a phan for a few years in college, and let me tell you these people are nuts. If you dare to think the Phantom is mean or evil, they hire a hit man to silence you. If you dare to say you like Raul, they shun you. I can go on and on. But at least neither RENT nor Wicked have a had a fan legally change their name to match the name of the character (Christine Daae). They are just all out lunatics. I read a few message boards before the movie came out and nothing that was being done would please them. Lunatics!
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Fosse76: Are you kidding me? Thats not all the Phantom fans out there. You are giving us a bad name.As i said before in my response: There are the normal fans and there are absolute psychotics. I know for a fact that Phantom fans are older and Rent/Wicked fans are younger.

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Well, it's no secret that the average audience for Broadway is older as a lot of teenagers/20-somethings can't afford the sometimes $100+ in tickets. However, I'm sorry but Rent/Wicked is FULL of teenyboppers screaming their lungs out, where as the Phantom crowd is more 'subdued' at least in the theater.

Fosse76, what you mentioned about the Phantom 'phan base' happens with ALL shows, however, I think it's more visible in the teeny boppers screaming like well, girls outside the stage doors! There aren't a lot of teens waiting for Hugh Panaro or anyone from Phantom.

People really change their name to fit a character?? Sheesh! I'm sure glad no one's real name is Elphaba, although I did know s Glenda in elementary school (different spelling, I know) :)

re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#53
Posted: 10/25/12 at 8:07pm
Well, I know this is really late but I've seen many Broadway shows. When I saw Wicked, it was pretty cool, FOR LIKE A DAY. Then (unlike most Wicked fans) got over it within a day. I liked it, but the story lacked dimension. It seemed like every other story, the outcast likes the pretty rich boy the popular girl gets the boy but somehow the outcast gets the boy in the end. Hairspray, The Phantom of the Opera, Marius/Cosette/Eponine love triangle in Les Miserables just to name a few that have a story just like
. And half of them were written almost 20 years before Wicked.
For the fans, Wicked fans are probably the craziest. But thats because of the tweens/teens. The Phantom of the Opera's fans are a little more mature. I am a "phan" but I'm not a pschyo one! I see about 2 or 3 12 year olds at Phantom when I go. Most of them are in their late teenage years, or 5.
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re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#54
Posted: 10/25/12 at 8:12pm
Im sick of all this "12 year old girls" are wickeds only fans. I'm. A 17 year old guy and I'm a huge fan. But is there much difference between the two? Not really.
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re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#55
Posted: 10/25/12 at 8:27pm
^AHA! I laughed out loud. That was funny.

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re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#56
Posted: 10/26/12 at 12:00am
I was thinking earlier about starting a thread, probably in the off topic section, about how we all came up with our screen names, but this thread actually ties into mine so never mind. re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera

Personally, I'd lump myself into the more sane spectrum of the Phans. I've only seen the show twice on tour, but I do pop in the video of the Albert Hall performance every now and then. I can see and hear everything that is wrong with the show, but it has yet to stop me from enjoying every second of it. It was the second show I got really excited about (the first was Chicago, which I've still yet to see live) Ans for that reason alone of holds a special place in my heart. It also introduced me to Andrew Lloyd Webber, and eventually led me to one of most favorite musicals ever, Evita. However, I don't bow down and worship every ALW score ever written. Joseph makes me cringe, and I've yet to complete the Woman in White album without falling asleep. But I do appreciate his work, and, call me dumb if you like, I think it's almost clever of him to write maybe a handful of melodies and somehow arrange them into 2 or more hours of songs.

On the other hand, I DO bow down and worship every Sondheim score. I've yet to ever be disappointed with any of the recordings I've heard, nor with the few professional productions I've been lucky enough to see (but please don't make me relive that God awful Into the Woods Jr. I had to endure at Thespian Conference in high school).

As for Wicked: I saw the tour the first time it played Atlanta. I enjoyed myself, but it's not a show that's stuck in my memory like some others have. If I see it again, it will only be as a gift to my mother, who really, REALLY wants to see it.

Rent: I saw the movie first and couldn't believe that THAT was the show all of my friends had been raving about. I avoided Rent as much as I could, the movie was so bad, to me. When the DVD was released of the "final" performance, I bought it just to see if it could change my feelings (nausea and rage) towards the show. Now at least I do appreciate the show foe whatit was, but I'm in no hurry to see it live. I will, eventually, but I can live if I never do.

What continues to bother me are the people who put all of these shows on pedestals as if Rent, Phantom, and Wicked are the greatest things to ever happen to musical theatre. At school it was easy to weed out the serious theatre majors from the people who would eventually change their majors by trying to talk about theatre with them. When Wicked/Rent came up and was declared the BEST MUSICAL EVER, I LOVE IT SO MUCH, LIKE, IT CHANGED MY LIFE, then it was a safe bet they wouldn't be around within a year. Phantom never came up much, really, except as an afterthought to most talks about theatre.

So, yeah, I'm glad these shows exist and can help usher in mew generations of theatre patrons, but I do get tired of the MEGA FANS who put them on pedestals and ignore almost any other show ever.

If it matters, I'm 22, and the only show I put on a pedestal is Gypsy. re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera And apologies for any typos. Small touch screen keyboards are not fat thumb friendly.
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re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#57
Posted: 10/26/12 at 3:38am
My two cents:

1) Phantom (success all over the world for 25 years)
2) WIcked (success all over the world for 10 years)
3) Rent (success only in the US for 15 years)
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re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#58
Posted: 10/26/12 at 5:31pm
Personally id have to go with Phantom, certainly in the UK anyway. They had been dorment but LND, the 25th performance and new tour has really brought them out in droves. And now they have the internet unlike when it first opened. The age range is often more varied but the fact so many are women 30+ adds a slight sadness to it. Wickeds fans do generally have the excuse of youth on their side and are just annoying

I know for a fact cast members of phantom, mainly the man himself, have problems with extreme/stalker type fans. And if you look at fan bases of actors who have played him they all have that crazy component within them. Wiyh some being blocked on twitter etc

Id also say, again in London, that jersey boys, les mis and michael ball have some seriously scary fans

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re: Rent vs. Wicked vs Phantom of the Opera#59
Posted: 10/27/12 at 11:53am
I actually think Les Mis has the best behaved fans.It is certainly better than wicked,rent and phantom.For the most part everyone respects Les Mis.All four shows are great though.

I actually think the worst fans are the Sondheim fans.They just come off as really snobby.Of course not all of them are like that.On this board it seems like if you don't like sondheim than you are a moron 12 year old girl who thinks wicked is th best musical ever.I like Sondheim but I don't think all his work is great.