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How old were you when you lost your Broadway virginity?

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My first exposure to Broadway was the Tony Awards broadcast of Evita. In a bit a seredipity, it was also the first professional show I worked in after high school.

Oddly enough, after working in regional theatre for so long, my first Broadway show was "James Joyce's The Dead" and I wouldn't trade that for anything. It was such a fragile piece of theatre and I cherished every tear rolling down my cheek.

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The first broadway show I ever saw was Phantom Of The Opera when I was 10. I got the "broadway bug" when I saw Annie Get Your Gun with Bernadette Peters, I was 13 at the time. Now I'm 21 and I've been hooked ever since!
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Ever since I can remember I've loved to dance. I remember being in only the fifth grade when someone would ask me what do I want to be when I grew up I would simply reply "Dance on Broadway". Tap dancing has always been my favorite type of dance. When I first heard about 42nd Street I knew I had to see it. I wanted to be in before I even saw it.

My first Broadway show was 42nd Street at age 14. Then the next day we saw Beauty and the Beast.

Now at age 18 I've been lucky enough to see 10 shows considering I live in northen Maine.

My 'life changing' show was actually the fourth show I saw on Broadway. I was going to be a freshman in high school, I was in NYC to do the tap dancing camp Break the Floor. The show was Thoroughly Modern Millie in 2003. For some reason watching Sutton Foster up on that stage just sparked something in me. Yes, I've always wanted to be on Broadway, but Sutton just made it look so much fun, and so easy. Watching her crazyly tap to Forget About the Boy and The Speed Test I just knew that this is it.

Ever since then literally nothing else has even entered my mind of what I am going to do as a career. I'm proud to say I'm going to be a theatre major in the fall. Thank you Sutton.

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Oh boy, this is embarrassing.... MAMMA MIA! when I was 13...
"I mean, sitting side by side with another man watching Patti LuPone play Rose in GYPSY on Broadway is essentially the equivalent of having hardcore sex." -Wanna Be A Foster. "Say 'Goody.' Say 'Bubbi.'" ... "That's it. Exactly as if it were 'Goody.' Now I know you're gonna sing 'Goody' this time, but nevertheless..."
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I think the first NYC show I ever saw was "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" for my 10th birthday, but that was off-Broadway.

The first Broadway show I ever saw was probably "Fiddler," late in its original run (early 70s), with (I think) Herschel Bernardi in the lead. I was probably 11 or 12. I remember we took my grandmother (who left Lithuania at the age of 11 to escape persecution by the Cossacks) and she was somewhat offended at the way the townspeople were portrayed as being so shabby and poor. She said that her family and friends were much better dressed! re: How old were you when you lost your Broadway virginity?