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Macbeth in Central Park

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Macbeth in Central Park#0
Posted: 6/23/06 at 11:37pm
Just returned from this serviceable, but ultimately dissapointing production.

Liev Schreiber - He was just ok, nothing spectacular, but by all means not terrible. At times his intensity took over too much, which inherrently cluttered his emotions and overall performance (if that makes sense). Though, he did win the audience over by making a curtain speech thanking us all for staying for the whole production throughout the constant rain all night.

Jennifer Ehle - There is not much to say. She looked like a young Meryl Streep onstage, but it's a pity her performance wasn't anywhere near that level. She was whiny, and came off too muddled of a character. Lady Macbeth IS the man (pardon my lack of a better word) of the show, and she just came off as a republican puppet wife who didn't get what she wanted for Christmas. She had nice moments, but they were few and far in between. It's a real shame, because we know Ms. Ehle can act, but it isn't on show at the Delacorte Theatre i'm afraid.

Moises Kauffman - The direction had a lot of beautiful images and moments, but it felt that the staging took over and Mr. Kauffman didn't really take time to work with the actors on characterization and motives and the foundations of what makes Shakespeare so compelling (or what CAN make Shakespeare so compelling).

It wasn't a dreadful evening of theatre, cause, as I said, the play had a lot of nice visual and aesthetical moments, maybe it will get better as the run continues, but I am surely not willing to risk going back to find out.
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re: Macbeth in Central Park#1
Posted: 6/24/06 at 2:32pm
When I saw it, Jennifer Ehle was doing the Doris Day version of Lady M.

What did you think of Lady MacDuff?

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re: Macbeth in Central Park#2
Posted: 6/24/06 at 9:53pm
Was it difficult to get tickets? Although, I keep hearing mediocre to dreadful reviews...
re: Macbeth in Central Park#3
Posted: 6/25/06 at 10:10am
The reviews have been mixed; an even spread from "worst ever" to "best ever" and everything in between. See for yourself with an open mind, I reckon.

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