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Drowsy Chaperone and the Marquis...

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Drowsy Chaperone and the Marquis...#0
Posted: 2/9/06 at 11:16am
Does anyone think that maybe Chaperone should place it's bets on the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre? I doubt Chita will still be open in April. Originally, people speculated The Music Box for Chaperone, and the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre has considerably more seats...though it is probably too late to switch theatres...thoughts?
Updated On: 2/9/06 at 11:16 AM
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Drowsy Chaperone and the Marquis...#1
Posted: 2/9/06 at 11:23am
Chita is now going the "final weeks" route though, which is ambiguous and could see her through until it's too late for Chaperone to get in before the Tony cut off. I think their bed is made.
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