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Humpers is back and has a question

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Humpers is back and has a question#0
Posted: 2/5/06 at 8:02pm
I Humpers the Camel have been away for quite some time. 2005 was a very exhausting year..ending with some issues understudying my brother Charles in the Radio City show. He thought he had contracted the bird flu and had to take some time off. So I had a week to shine. Then I took a trip to Lancaster to look for some biblical theater work seeing as they always need a camel and since Charles was not feeling well. (Needless to say I told him he can't have the bird flu for he is not a bird) Anyway I appologize for being away for so long. I assure you I have missed you all greatly.

But there is a reason to my post I was doing a search of my favorite broadway performers websites and noticed much to my surprise that one of my favorite sites is no longer being updated. I was just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the Lovely Mr. Morrison's website. I miss being able to get new information about that curly haired cutie.

Thanks so much to you all and I do hope everyone is well.

Love Always,
Humpers the Camel
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Broadway Legend
re: Humpers is back and has a question#1
Posted: 2/5/06 at 10:18pm
Lovers spat. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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