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Public Theater Sings

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Public Theater Sings#0
Posted: 1/30/06 at 10:45pm
I just got back from one of the best artist displays I have ever seen. I'm not going to give a full review because I'm exhausted and have to wake up early tomorrow, BUT I must say that I LOVED every minute of this performance.
Everyone did a fantastic job. I hope that everyone that went enjoyed it as much as I did.
There are several performances that I loved above all of the others.
Meryl Streep - Sodomy from HAIR.
Donna Murphy - Three Penny Opera, Pirates of Penzance and The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
Cynthia Nixon - Tits and Ass from A Chorus Line.
There are many others, but I am too excited to think of all of them right now.
I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well!

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re: Public Theater Sings#1
Posted: 1/30/06 at 11:08pm
My Thoughts:

-I honestly had no idea Meryl Streep could sing the way she did during her first number. Wow.

-I never liked Donna Murphy until tonight. That woman can sang.

-Idina is adorable. I love her even more outside of the big "W."

-Lillias White kicks ass.
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re: Public Theater Sings#2
Posted: 1/30/06 at 11:10pm
I agree, it was a surprising evening. What a tribute to the rich history of the Public Theatre. Interestingly some of the singers who are usually amazing seemed a bit off. Daphne Rubin-Vega seemed a bit hoarse. Some actors who don't sing sang, though the bit with Ben Stiller, Zach Braff, Rosie Perez, Idina Menzel and Norm Lewis was fun, riffing on SING from Chorus Line. Amazing opening with the opening number from Chorus Line melding into a number from Bring in Da Noise. I was perplexed by Natalie Portman singing "Frank Mills" though she did well enough. There were no intros so unless they were instantly recognizable many didn't know who was who. Donna Murphy was amazing in both numbers from Three Penny and Penzance respectively. I liked her duet with Betty Buckly from Edwin Drood. Idina proved she's still got it with her solo turn from Saturn Returns and her bit in Aquarius. Elaine Stritch stole the show, but then, she can. Eartha Kitt read her song but she still gave it some zing. Meryl Streep HIT that note in Sodomy and held it, impressive. Marc Kudisch was great as the Pirate King in Penzance number. (ok typing going it's late).
Lilias White was awesome in her gospel number from Saturn Returns. Betty Buckly did well with her opening number riffing in Joe Papp, and the number from I'm Getting My Act Together was wonderful. The finale seemed under rehearsed but that's ok, live performing and little rehearsal can be fun. Funny that everyone seemed to be passing the mike and not appearing to want to hog it. Lilias kept trying to give it to Idina in the finale but she declined. Very nice tribute to Wendy Wasserstein at the end. I sat up in the second to last tier so had to lean over a lot to see. Lea Delaria did a great job with New York New York from On the Town. The young girl who sang a song from Caroline or Change was amazing, though obviously not seasoned as she didn't know what to do when her mike didn't go on and someone had to come onstage and give her a hand mike. Ah live theatre!
Meryl and Mike Nichols were cute in their ending number. I'm really glad I was there and hopefully others can add to this post with more details. I hope it gets some press coverage. Well worth the $75.
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re: Public Theater Sings#3
Posted: 1/30/06 at 11:25pm
Just got home, what a fun night! It was wonderful to see everyone (well, more like hear everyone, as I was really far back and couldn't distinguish voices), great performances all around.
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re: Public Theater Sings#4
Posted: 1/30/06 at 11:46pm
it was fabulous. totally worth my time and money. this was the first benefit concert i had ever attended. so many celebrities. so much talent on one stage. excellent. I loved "aquarius," "i hate the bus," "when it ends," "16 feet below sea level," and everything Elaine Stritch sang.

i stage doored and the highlight was that Betty Buckley was incredibly nice. She signed for everyone who asked and she signed my Carrie Souvenir program! I am the happiest man alive! re: Public Theater Sings
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re: Public Theater Sings#5
Posted: 1/31/06 at 8:26pm
How was the stage door? Meet any other stars?
re: Public Theater Sings#6
Posted: 2/1/06 at 11:33am
actually, the little girl that sang "I hate the bus" did exactly what she should have done. It wasn't her show to stop. Her mic wasn't working and she realized that so she sang out so the audience could hear her. Someone from the show stopped her...I think she said it was the conductor. So she stopped and waited for them to fix the situation. There was nothing else she could have done. I was sitting in the back of the orchestra and I could hear her just fine. I loved the show so much! Im gonna watch for similar shows like this because is was so much fun!
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Chorus Member
re: Public Theater Sings#7
Posted: 2/1/06 at 9:12pm
I agree with Steven. I was in the very uppermost rear balcony, very last ROW! and I could hear that girl loud and clear. The technical crew dropped the ball, but she sure as hell didn't!
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