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Wicked to go back to Tampa!

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Wicked to go back to Tampa!#0
Posted: 1/13/06 at 3:30pm
Just got an email from the tampa theater where wicked was booked. It will be going back to tampa in 2007. Ok, we need to start the new cities!!! this is getting out of hand. 5 return engagements in the next year. rediculous.

and i dont care about my is a frekin message bpard!
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re: Wicked to go back to Tampa!#1
Posted: 1/13/06 at 10:47pm
That's because the TBPAC likes to keep bringing back shows that make a lot of money. The last shows to return were Mamma Mia and Phantom. This season, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change is coming back. When it was here last time, it kept extending and extending and extending......

I agree that the theatre needs new shows and the tour needs to go to cities that haven't had it yet, but if it makes money, I can see why this may not be the case. Plus, you know...Tampa is trying to be a 'City of the Arts' and all again....