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Broadway in Las Vegas/Atlantic City

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Broadway in Las Vegas/Atlantic City#0
Posted: 1/6/06 at 2:38am
I just wanted to let those who don't know, When you go see a Broadway Show that is playing in these "Gambling Mecca's" - You are seeing a big watered down version of the show, Not what you saw on Broadway. I think "Hairspray" and "Phantom" plan to run 90 minues, So you can see the are condensed versions.
In the old days the casts of these shows used to make up cute (and very funny) names for these condensed shows they were in. "Sugar Babies" became "Su-Bab" and such, But they are all whittled down so the folks keep gambling and the "idiots" don't get bored.
(Idiots = Anyone who cannot watch a Broadway Show due to time length.)
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re: Broadway in Las Vegas/Atlantic City#1
Posted: 1/6/06 at 9:01am
It is more the casinos' decisions rather than that "idiots" getting bored. If they have people in a show for 3 hours then that is 3 hours that they are not gambling. Cut it down to 1.5 hours and that is an extra 1.5 hours that MOST of them will be on the casino floor. Think about how much money this adds up to. Now, the casinos may give the reason for it that people will get bored, but that is not actually the true reason. Because they can't come out and say they are doing it because they want more money.
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re: Broadway in Las Vegas/Atlantic City#2
Posted: 1/6/06 at 9:24am
Anyone going to a "Gambling Mecca" is not going to see a Broadway show.
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re: Broadway in Las Vegas/Atlantic City#3
Posted: 1/6/06 at 1:42pm
Through most of the 1980's, I lived in Cape May, NJ and my Grandfather was quite the High Roller in Atlantic City. So much so that we would walk into casinos and staff and such would greet him by name. Anyway ... as part of his "perks" were complimentary show tickets. Three productions I remember rather vividly were Lainie Kazan in HELLO, DOLLY!, Carol Lawrence in NO, NO, NANETTE and Elkie Sommer in WOMAN OF THE YEAR. I remember going to see those shows and then running over to Ocean One (the big boat-shaped shopping mall) and buying the cassettes to play in the car ride home. Now, at this time I was still pretty young and hadn't seen that many shows at this point, so I just remember driving home thinking, "I don't remember hearing that song" and stuff like that. But all three productions were great introductions to shows that, at that point, I had not known much about. In WOMAN OF THE YEAR, Marilyn Cooper reprised her Tony-winning performance as Jan and her duet with Ms. Sommer of "The Grass is Always Greener" brought the house down, even if the audience was mostly drunk! re: Broadway in Las Vegas/Atlantic City Carol Lawrence played Sue in NANETTE and, as I'm sure most of you know, Sue only really has one song. So, they gave "Those Where Have My Hubby Gone Blues" to her. Also, Mimi Hines was in that production as "Pauline" and they gave her "Too Many Rings Around Rosie". The more I think about it, apparently the "Lucille" in that production didn't sing much! That's just my 2 cents. re: Broadway in Las Vegas/Atlantic City