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Mary Poppins Cast

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Mary Poppins Cast#0
Posted: 1/5/06 at 5:20pm
Hey, i'm heading to London mid february and have tickets to Mary Poppins. Can anyone tell me anything about how the cast is at the moment?
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re: Mary Poppins Cast#1
Posted: 1/7/06 at 7:29pm
My best friend works there front of house, says that the new cast are ok, but the leads are not as strong as the original although Mary is ment to be a good replacement. The ensemble are really strong and full of energy. However the shows not doing to well , lots of open seats on weekdays, disney have taken over advertising as Cameron wasnt doing a good job aparently, they are booking through till september but not sure weather it will stay after, it looks to be hanging around till broadway opens, hopefully that and beter adds will work.its a really great show iv seen it twice and it would be a shame to see it go, you should really enjoy it, just dont go expecting the film as its very different.

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re: Mary Poppins Cast#2
Posted: 1/9/06 at 6:56pm
Scarlett Strallen as Mary Poppins is wonderful imo, have seen the new cast now twice and she reminded me both times a lot of Julie Andrews, she is a very excellent actress, just vocally not as strong as Laura Michelle Kelly. Gavin Lee as Bert is funny, smart and witty though I personally thought not as enthusiastic anymore as he used to be.
Mr and Mrs Banks are played by Aden Gillett and Eliza Lumley, I was quite disappointed by Aden Gillett - he seemed bored - never understood why the 1st understudy Alan Vicary didn't get that role when David Haig left.
My personal favourite of the leads is Rosie Ashe as Mr Banks' old nanny Miss Andrews. Jane and Michael are played by various kids, there are currently five girls and five boys, and you usually cannot say who you'll see, but I have seen three sets of kids and they are all wonderful!
The ensemble is great and my favourite numbers in the show are definitely numbers which involve the whole ensemble! The show is certainly not as strong anymore as it was with the original cast and ticket sales during the week are not as good as expected anymore, but imo it is still one of the best shows on the West End.
re: Mary Poppins Cast#3
Posted: 1/30/06 at 1:47pm
Cast changes again in April. No one is confired but its rumoured that it may be a big name in the title role.
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re: Mary Poppins Cast#4
Posted: 1/31/06 at 4:54pm
Dear god, please let it be Ruthie Henshall.