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Current Lion King Cast

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Current Lion King Cast#0
Posted: 1/4/06 at 7:52pm
Now don't hate me for wanting to go see *shudder* the Lion King... but I was wondering how the current cast was? I mean of course there's no Heather Headley in it... but still...

I will be going in June and will also be seeing The Color Purple and Wicked (for the 3rd time, but only because I wanted to see Saycon, Shoshana, AND Eden... AND I really didn't like JLT so I had to see Megan Hilty do it justice IN MY OPINION)
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re: Current Lion King Cast#1
Posted: 1/4/06 at 7:57pm
Kissy Simmons and Josh Tower (i think thats how he spells it) are fantastic.
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re: Current Lion King Cast#2
Posted: 1/5/06 at 4:52am
I love the Lion King! It's one of my top shows. I've seen it 11 times, four of those in NYC, so I kinda know the casts. Josh Tower has got to be one of the best Simba's. He's also gotten better in the role over the past two years. He rocks. Kissy is good too and prob. one of the stronger Nala actresses I've seen, but no one beats Heather Headley. Derek Smith as Scar is good, but again not like John Vickery or other people who have played that character. Tom Alan Robbins is Pumbaa and he has played that character for years and he's great. Now I'm not sure if the Rafiki right now is good because I don't think I've seen her. It sucks if Rafiki is bad because she starts the whole show on one note, so good luck! Hopefully

Josh Tower is there when you see it. I'm hoping to see him for the third time this summer, but I don't know if he is planning on leaving.
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