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Good Site for Show Synopsis etc.

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Good Site for Show Synopsis etc.#0
Posted: 1/2/06 at 11:19pm
Just wondering, as it's been quite awhile since I was on any, if someone could reccommend a good site or two that gives good show synopsis'. Any that also include good character descriptions of principle roles would be even better...

thanks in advance! :)
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re: Good Site for Show Synopsis etc.#1
Posted: 1/2/06 at 11:31pm
Go to either, or Both carry the producing rights to many musicals, and have character breakdowns and plot synopsis-es (?) Those carry 90% of musicals that aren't Rodgers and Hammerstein (R%H has their own company and website) There are other websites that would have what your looking for, but none come to mind at this time. Try google.
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re: Good Site for Show Synopsis etc.#2
Posted: 1/3/06 at 12:04am
This site is good for some shows, it's a fabulous site :)
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