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"People Magazine" from The Life - HELP!

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"People Magazine" from The Life - HELP!#0
Posted: 12/28/05 at 4:40am
I used to have on my old computer (which is, sadly, dead) a great MP3 of Liza Minnelli and Billy Stritch singing "People Magazine." It's a wonderful arrangement and version which, if I'm not mistaken, came from an earlier version of "The Life", but this version was changed before it hit Broadway. The lyrics and tune are quite different. Does ANYONE out there have this sound clip they could email me, or know where I could get it online? I would be very grateful for any help!!
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re: 'People Magazine' from The Life - HELP!#1
Posted: 12/28/05 at 10:16am
I'm giving my friend a soundtrack of "The Life" as a late Christmas/Chanukah present (long running joke... he came from TO to NY when he was about 12 and that's what his parents wound up taking him to)... once he opens it I'd be happy to have him upload it & give it to you.
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