High Praise from TIME-On-Line for Jersey Boys composer/lyricist

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Richard Corliss in a web exclusive on TIME Magazine On-Line has high praise indeed for the composer (Bob Gaudio) and lyricist (Bob Crewe) of Jersey Boys.

He has an interesting slant regarding the music in this so-called "catalogue" musical and the music in original Broadway musical productions in recent years.


"Yes, this is kind of a "legends" show, with actors pretending to be stars singing their late great hits. Yes, it'd be better if we had composers who could write story songs that translated into hit songs, the way Alan Menken and Tim Rice did for a few years with the Disney animated features that produced "A Whole New World." But since we don't, and haven't for ages, we can do worse than to honor classic pop, including the kind few people realized was classic till now. "


"Having seen Jersey Boys, and spent the last week listening compulsively to their greatest hits album, I still think that. I'd go further and say that this music is as sharp, smart, tuneful and complex as any new Broadway scores not of the Sondheim school. I mean, better than the scores of The Producers, Hairspray, Avenue Q, Spamalot—which happen to be the last four Tony-winning musicals. Gaudio, Valli, DeVito, Massi and Crewe left a legacy of potent, sophisticated songs. Pop-classic music for all seasons. "


Interesting viewpoint!!

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