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Who has CHITA anecdotes?

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Who has CHITA anecdotes?#0
Posted: 11/23/05 at 12:35pm
It's always amazing to see this woman in action. The way she relates to others onstage makes it obvious that she loves what she's doing and everyone onstage is in love with her. I remember seeing an early incarnation of her one woman show that was called CHITA...AND ALL THAT JAZZ. She and her chorus boys were obviously having the times of their lives. Anyone have any wonderful stories to tell about Chita?
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re: Who has CHITA anecdotes?#1
Posted: 11/23/05 at 6:21pm
Saw her after Nine

I brought with me a Playbill from a show she was in in the mid 60's Bajour. When she saw it she had a big smile on her face & said " This is older than me ". She than graciously signed it . We told her how much we enjoyed her work & she said thank you. Very gracious
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